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null ​H125/H125M optimized 12 years / 144 months visit

21 Jan 2020

In the frame of maintenance program improvements for its light single Helicopters range, Airbus Helicopters optimized the 12 years / 144 months inspection of the H125/H125M, AS 350 B2/B3 and AS 550 C3, while reducing maintenance costs and lowering aircraft downtime during inspection.


This improvement is accessible through the last release of the Tech Data for these aircraft:


  • •     The 12 years / 144 months inspection has been fully removed from chapter 05-24 of the MSM (master Service Manual),
  • •     Only 5 optimized tasks still must be performed through chapter 05-25 of the MSM, at the most appropriate time (at 12 years / 144 months or earlier)
           To ease their compliance, these tasks have been separated and/or have their specific maintenance work card.


This is leading to a reduced maintenance time estimated at 6% of man-hours per flight hour (MMH/FH) and this is offering customer flexibility in their maintenance operations.


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