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null A full-Keycopter customer’s experience through webinars

10 Aug 2017

Since April 2016, Airbus Helicopters has launched more than 20 worldwide customers’ portal webinars with a clear objective : to give customers a complete overview of all accessible services on Keycopter with a particular focus on Tech Data and O.R.I.O.N, Airbus Helicopters interactive viewer.

Seeking for user’s experience improvements, these webinars are designed to give higher knowledge about the different services, their capabilities and functionalities.

Associated to an interactive Q&A session, it enables the different attendees to get direct feedback on any concern and Airbus Helicopters to identify further improvements.

These webinars are very much appreciated by customers and will continue on a regular basis. There are organized either by the Mother Company or by our worldwide customers’ centers .

For any planned webinar, customers receive an invitation by email from Keycopter with a link to register to the next session. Don’t miss your next opportunity.

For further information, please contact us.