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null Clear and efficient new Front Office to support the customer relationship

25 Aug 2017

In its continuous objective to become THE reference in terms of Customer Satisfaction, Airbus Helicopters has decided to make sure that all Airbus Helicopters customers have dedicated Focal Points to take care of its customers them and to ensure that the Company is acting as one team for their full satisfaction.

In that respect, Airbus Helicopters has implemented a clear and efficient new Front Office, which, with the full support of the management, lead the customer relationship, define as well as implement the improvement plans and ensure alignment of all internal stakeholders.

The Front Office teams are composed of a Sales Manager and a A Customer Support Manager, supported by an Account Director.

Main principles of this organization are:

To provide each customer with a clear and identified tandem, whose profiles best suits the customer needs. This tandem is accountable for their customers’ satisfaction and is composed of:

  • Sales Manager (SM): responsible for new sales of aircraft and S&S from negotiation to delivery, as well as for identifying and developing new business opportunities,
  • Customer Support Manager (CSM): ensuring the relationship with the customer for S&S activities, solving problems, coordinating S&S action plans and supporting new S&S sales.

To designate an Front Office Leader for efficient coordination

To have the tandem sponsored by an Account Director. This Account Director is accountable for running performance reviews, supporting the team and escalation when required.

We are willing to have your feedback on our new Front Office teams.

For any further information on this topic, please contat your designated Sales Manager or Designated Customer Support Manager.