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null Airbus Helicopters uses QR codes

06 Sep 2017
Airbus Helicopters uses QR codes to collect customer feedback following each spare part delivery originating from Marignane, France.

As part of its ongoing journey towards improving customer satisfaction, Airbus is implementing QR codes as a means of collecting customer feedback following each spare part delivery originating from Marignane, France. 

Upon receipt of a package, customers can scan the affixed QR code using their smartphone, displaying a webpage on which they can select their level of satisfaction and share their comments concerning the delivery. 

This service will be available from Airbus' two other helicopter logistics hubs based in Dallas, Texas and Hong Kong by the end of 2017.

This new feedback process allows Airbus to take customer feedback into account immediately, proposing and implementing solutions when needed.

More than 97 percent of Airbus' Helicopters spare parts deliveries are delivered on time by the customer’s requested delivery date. This number rises to 98 percent when customers plan their orders at least 15 days in advance. The farther ahead customers book their planned orders, the higher the compensation paid by Airbus Helicopters should the delivery fail to arrive on time. Compensation is capped at up to 8 percent.

HCare is Airbus Helicopters’ redefined services offer, which emphasizes the company’s commitment to service quality and performance and provides the rotorcraft industry’s most comprehensive service coverage. HCare is the product of a company-wide transformation, and underscores a commitment to continuous improvement across the entire offer, bringing tailor-made and competitive services to the customers’ doorstep.

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