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null AS350 heating and demisting system improvement

29 Oct 2019

In the frame of maintenance program improvements for its light single Helicopters range, Airbus Helicopters proposes a new solution reducing customer’s maintenance costs, while improving reliability.


Through a service bulletin applicable to AS350 B2/B3 and prior versions, Airbus Helicopters provides a solution which is preventing corrosion of the heating and demisting lines by:

•  Replacing the aluminum lines with stainless steel ones to prevent any corrosion on the lines

•  Installing protective sheaths on the line connections to prevent any condensation, installation already used on H125/H130 aircraft.


Thanks to the application of this modification, customers will benefit from an improved reliability and a lighter S inspection at 150FH // 1 year for the heating and demisting system, while reducing its workload of 4 man hours.


All information for its installation and ordering are available through the AS350-21.00.25 service bulletin.


Easy to install at the customer’s or within our network, it requires 4 hours workload for an Airframe mechanics.


For more information, please contact your Sales manager or contact us.