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null Deployment of worldwide practical training solutions

27 Apr 2018

As practical training plays an essential role in assuring technicians proficiency, Airbus Helicopters has been implementing since beginning of 2017 new training solutions in order to prepare maintenance teams for real-world situations


Notably, minimum standards for practical trainings have been deployed throughout Airbus Helicopters training centres worldwide and have already enabled to tool up:

  • • Airbus Helicopters South East Asia with Main Gear Box for H125, Main Rotor Mast and Fenestron for H120, and one Arriel 1 engine;
  • • Airbus Helicopters Japan with all elements to perform practical training on AS365 such as with Main Gear Box, Main rotor Mast, Equipped Fenestron/Tail Rotor and many other components…

Deployment of worldwide practical training solutions 
Airbus Helicopters South Est Asia has also recently received a full-size maintenance training helicopter, thus acquiring full capacity for H155/AS365 technician practical training in Asia. This will allow Airbus Helicopters customers in South East Asia to benefit from a local and high quality tool.

On the eve of Airbus Helicopters worldwide deployment for technician training solutions, these maintenance training means are being also deployed in Latin America, Europe and Pacific regions. We will keep you posted about other initiatives to happen in our network, notably within Airbus Helicopters China, Airbus Helicopters Japan and Helibras.


You can check training materials and courses information through our Learning Management System France, Germany and the United States, send an email to or visit the Airbus Helicopters Training Services website.