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null Enhanced TechData customers' experience

21 Sep 2017
Airbus Helicopters is constantly improving its online aircraft Techdata for a seamless and enhanced customer experience.

O.R.I.O.N, its digital and interactive viewer :

- is now memorizing the reading location of each workcard. After each reading interruption, it proposes to start back where it was previously stopped. This new functionality helps to save time to the user and to concentrate on its maintenance tasks.

- is enriched with more illustrations like 3D pictures, to improve the understanding of the maintenance task and consequently enhance safety.

All these improvements are accessible on all helicopters platforms (H/C).


Additional functionalities to its online technical publication are also being added constantly.

Customers can now:

- Filter the information of their maintenance plan - ‘Master Service Manual’ (MSM) according to their selected criteria.

- Extract their maintenance tasks from this MSM to overview all the tasks which meet the selected criteria, regardless of whether the maintenance plan is organized by time limit or ATA chapter.

This functionality, available for all commercial aircraft but H135 (by 2019) and H145 (by end 2018), allows customers to save time and to enhance safety by allowing a better maintenance organization and understanding of the tasks.

For further information please contact your regular front office manager or contact us.