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null ESPNR Safety videos now available in 8 languages

13 Jun 2018
Watch the European Safety Promotion Network-Rotocraft videos now available in 8 languages

Aviation safety being a top priority for Airbus Helicopters, all messages and feedback have to be shared with all stakeholders and understood to be appropriately used and applied.

As a consequence, two major safety videos developed by the European Safety Promotion Network – Rotorcraft (former EHEST, the European branch of this safety promotion network), "Degraded Visual Environment” and “Decision Making”  have been translated into Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish, with the aim of reaching the largest audience possible.

The video "Degraded Visual Environment" raises awareness of pilots’ loss of control due to poor visibility in bad weather conditions. It gives considerations regarding human performance with degraded visual cues.

  • While "Decision Making" is a look into pilot decision-making, with the message that choices driven by a concern for safety need not be seen as a disgrace. It is a look into risk appetite for professional and private pilots.                                                                   

For more information, please contact the Airbus Helicopters Aviation Safety.