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null FlyScan analytics service

13 Jun 2018

Pegaso as launch customer in the americas


Transportes Aéreos Pegaso, the mexican Oil & Gas operator, has recently announced the acquisition of an additional H175 super-medium rotorcraft in complement to the three previously ordered.

Pegaso is also the first customer in the american continent to have signed a FlyScan contract.
This advanced service supported by a dedicated data analysis software, allows operators to better manage vibration data, gathered from the HUMS  (Health & Usage Monitoring System, HUMS). The service provides to operators pro-active warnings [or alerts] and all necessary means for a better anticipation of failures. It definitely opens the way to predictive maintenance. FlyScan enhances flight safety, improves fleet availability, and reduces the maintenance burden linked to HUMS detections by up to 7%.

On top of the H175 delivered, this new FlyScan contract will also cover 4 x H155 already operated in the Gulf of Mexico.