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null H135 Improved sealing of the engine fire detectors

27 Feb 2020

In the frame of product improvement programme for its light twin helicopters, Airbus Helicopters is proposing a new solution which is preventing false fire detection and inadvertent activation of the fire extinguishing bottles, while improving reliability and reducing the maintenance costs.


This solution, available for H135/EC135 versions/types equipped with Pratt & Whitney engines, consists in the installation of the following new parts:

  • •      Boot sleeve which is heat shrinkable,
  • •      Electrical insulating tape,
  • •      Insulating grease to prevent any water ingress into the engine fire detectors.


Customers will benefit from a better insulation of the detectors preventing from potential water ingress.


Easy to install through the Pratt & Whitney’ Service Bulletin n°28394, it can be performed by customers and it requires 1,5 hours workload.


For more information, please contact your Sales Manager or contact us.