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null H145 Cabin door handle improvement

05 Nov 2019

Airbus Helicopters is proposing on H145 a new solution to prevent loose screws in the door locking mechanism, while improving its robustness and reliability.


This upgrade solution, based on a new design of the outer door handle, effective for both pilot and sliding doors, consists of:

  • •  The use of additional flange bushings, Teflon washers and shims combined together with the different screw types,

  • •  The assembly of the parts with a stronger Loctite.


As a benefit, the axial load to the assembly is avoided and the screw can be additionally secured with a defined torque.


The modification can be performed by customers or within our network, it requires 20 Man hours for removal of the doors, installation of the upgrade and reassembly of the doors.


This upgrade is applicable on BK117 C-2 and D-2 aircraft types, and as a standard for new H145 aircraft produced from now on.


Detailed information is available through the MBB-BK117 C-2-52-022 and SB MBB‐BK117 D‐2‐52‐006 service bulletins.


For more information, please contact your Sales manager or contact us.