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null H225 / H215 / AS332 New dynamic seals for the main gear box

04 Feb 2020

In the frame of its reliability improvement programme for the Super Puma family, Airbus Helicopters proposes for the H225/H225M, H215/H215M and AS332/AS532 a new dynamic seal on the accessory gear box. Available for the right hand/left hand side output to the alternator, this new design reduces oil leakage occurrences, thus improving aircraft availability.


The new generation of dynamic seals consists in:

  • •    A single part including the seal and the seal holder, suppressing the possibility of leak between the former two parts,
  • •    The use of PTFE material instead of carbon, enhancing tightness,
  • •    A double lip for an improved efficiency.


The installation of the new seal can be easily performed by customers at any time and particularly once a leakage occurs. This operation can be performed on the H225/H225M though Service Bulletin n°63.022 and on the H215/H215M/AS332/AS532 through Service Bulletin n°63.00.79 / n°63.00.35, both available in TIPI.


These new seals are already installed on new aircraft and new MGB, and systematically changed during any repair or overhaul of an MGB performed by the Airbus Helicopters network.


For more information, please contact your Sales Manager or contact us.