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null Home training solution for new technicians

21 Jun 2018
Optimized solution for new technicians: Hands-on maturity and enhancement training

Each year, more than 5,000 technicians are qualified in the Airbus Helicopters Training Network. 


In order to become operational in accordance with main airworthiness standards, a new technician has to go through an ab initio training in a specialized training center followed by a T1 (Airframe) or T2 (Avionics) Type Rating on the specific helicopter. 


To provide to newly qualified technicians the necessary skills to perform maintenance tasks autonomously, Airbus Helicopters is now offering a fully customized solution to demonstrate limited hands-on skills and experience. During this HANDS-ON MATURITY & ENHANCEMENT training (HOME), a dedicated instructor stays at the customer’s site to perform the instruction through real maintenance tasks on the customer aircraft. 


The training content is defined through a Training Need Analysis (TNA) during which an expert evaluates the technician’s working environment, missions and the necessary skills to develop. The duration of this program depends on the conclusions of the TNA, with a minimum training period of 2 months per trainee batch. 


The methodology of this pedagogical program includes: 

  • • Briefings before and after each operations/courses 
  • • Trainer demonstration complex tasks 
  • • Follow up of the trainee performance & coaching 
  • • A continuous assessment 


The HOME training aims to further increase, aircraft availability, reactivity, safety and quality of the operations by: 

  • • Delivering the trainings within customer premises in real operational situation 
  • • Customizing the trainings to the customer’s helicopter configurations 
  • • Applying theory immediately through real maintenance tasks on the helicopters 
  • • Tailoring training program to customer’s operation needs 
  • • Leveraging trainee's autonomy after the courses 


Thanks to this customized training solution, Airbus Helicopter strives to continuously improve customers satisfaction and to allow trainees becoming fully autonomous & operational on standard practices, scheduled maintenance tasks and application of TechPub. 


For more information, please contact your regular Sales manager or contact us.