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null SkyTech, a remote visio-assistance for technical support

12 Dec 2019

SkyTech, the Airbus Helicopters visio-assistance tool has been deployed for 2 years within the technical team and support, facilitates and reinforces any troubleshooting by offering remote visio-assistance between a Tech Rep positioned at customer’s site, and our Airbus helicopters back office technical expert.


SkyTech goes further than the standard use of chat, picture or video with features such as:


  •     •  High definition pictures and videos
  •     •  Direct drawing in real time over live video and picture,
  •     •  Boroscope inspection, smart glasses
  •     •  Digital camera measurements, …


Customer will benefit from optimized technical analysis and improved resolution time until Technical Event resolution:


It is thanks to the customer's site-based technical representative who used the visio-assistance, […] , that [French] Air Force Cazaux saved 4 hours of maintenance and was able to continue its SAR mission on the same evening," said Major Stephanie C.


SkyTech is available through any call with Airbus Helicopters Technical Experts and additional devices (tablet, smart glasses, boroscope …) can be proposed through our Technical Assistance offer.


For more information on SkyTech visio-assistance, please contact your Sales manager or Technical Representative.