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null Your new Keycopter portal is on the way!

15 Sep 2017

Keycopter, the Airbus Helicopters customer portal, provides a wide range of customized and interactive services online, around the world and around the clock.

It is evolving through enriched functionalities to answer customers’ specific needs, and has now a public welcome page with Customer promotional news accessible to anyone.

In its strive for continuous improvement and enhanced customers’ experience, we will soon be proposing:

  • An innovative cockpit approach to find, in one dedicated page, all main activities, special offers, notifications and exchanges with Airbus Helicopters.
  • A user-friendly navigation with minimum of clicks and response times to quickly access customers’ main information and business data
  • A new design of the portal, responsive to all devices (PCs, tablets, smartphones)
  • A significant increase of the Keycopter availability rate aligned with the highest web standards, to avoid any interruptions of the website

More than 3 200 companies and 15 000 recurrent users work within Keycopter for their daily operations. We are carefully taking into account each of their remarks to enrich step by step the portal and save their time.

Don't wait and click here to discover, in live, the key features of your new Keycopter portal!