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Combining data science with its helicopter engineering and manufacturing expertise, Airbus has developed the Analytics Services to support customers by leveraging the full power of data value.
The Analytics services transform flight operations, maintenance and Airbus data into actionable insights. They support any customers looking to enhance safety, improve aircraft availability and optimize costs to continually improve decision making, facilitate troubleshooting and ease reporting.



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Fleet activity

Visualize your fleet activity on a detailed calendar, get key flight details, landings per city,
flight take off and landing on a map.

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Last journey log

Report on all flights including cockpit exceedances, key flight details, easy flight record follow-up on a calendar. Facilitate data cross check between A/C data, pilot report and airworthiness management.

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HCare Smart Reporting

Get automatic monthly flight hours reporting. 

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Fleet Availability Management

Monitor fleet availability.

Align Airbus and operator’s KPI to build improvement plans.

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Flight Analyser

Support operational safety thanks to HFDM analysis.

Analyse post-flight data  to automatically identify potential risks.

Contextualize flight events with environmental and meteorological information.

Find out more here.

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Material demand and Supply

Improve parts consumption forecast.

Reduce maintenance TAT by anticipating maintenance tasks to be performed considering all parts : scheduled,
unscheduled and parts reaching life limit.

Ensure stock level adequacy with accurate procurement recommendation considering operator’s stock and
AH lead time.

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Improve reliability by analysing unscheduled events and part removals.

Learn from lower performers to implement corrective actions.

Facilitate report to authorities and A/C dispatch based on availability.

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Part search

Allows automatic part matching between your reference and Airbus referencial.

This service is available to all keycopter users within the Analytics section or directly here.

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Data quality

Get awareness on the quality of collected data.