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null ​HCare services offer: acceleration in flexibility and adaptability

04 May 2021

Airbus Helicopters continues to evolve its HCare support and services offer, making it more flexible and adapted to customers’ operational requirements.

For the manufacturer, offering operators the possibility to customise contracts according to their needs – be it mission constraints or very demanding operating conditions – is essential.

Airbus helicopters cover a large spectrum of missions ranging from military, public services and governmental, to passenger transport and medical services. This means the specifics of missions are diverse.

As an example in the field of global support contracts, concrete improvements have already been implemented, while others are in progress and will come soon to adapt this service to the helicopter industry’s new trends. Over the past three years, the number of helicopters covered by a global support contract has increased by 22%, to reach a total of 2,400 helicopters enrolled in this type of service.

More improvements are being made thanks to the positive evolution in data sharing with Airbus Helicopters customers and the subsequent in-depth analyses this allows. Airbus Helicopters has started to share this insight with operators, with a view toward reducing direct maintenance costs or improving parts availability.

A complete transformation of Airbus Helicopters’ training offer also follows along the same lines, and new solutions are already being proposed to better answer operator constraints.


See more details about recent results and ongoing actions by visiting the Airbus newsroom for 2021:


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