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null ​2018 Shelf-life improvements

25 Jan 2019

In 2018 and in the frame of a major shelf life improvement plan, Airbus Helicopters analysed the shelf lives of 29,000 parts, on top of the first batch of 10,000 parts analysed in 2017.


Thanks to this analysis of 39,000 parts, more than 28,000 parts will now benefit from an unlimited shelf life, while the 11,000 others will benefit from an extended one.


The Information Notice No. 3192-I-00, published last July, enables you to apply these new shelf-life durations to your parts on stock. The list of concerned parts is available through the eOrdering service on our Keycopter portal.


Airbus Helicopters will further continue the improvement plan by treating 10,000 P/N each year.


For more information, please contact your Sales manager or contact us.

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