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15 Feb 2019

In pursuing efforts to ease maintenance operations of its aircraft, Airbus Helicopters introduces a new tool named eDynamic troubleshooting (eDTS).


eDTS is a web based tool that facilitates daily fault isolation tasks by providing a sequence of questions and tests in order to identify root cause of a default. A given sequence takes into account the system architecture, the duration and the cost of different tests and maintenance operations.


The users will save time and remain autonomous while identifying the fastest and the cheapest way or the best compromise, as per customer selection, to resolve the occurred issue. The tool learns automatically from Customer’s feedback and improves the future similar fault isolation sequences.


The use of eDTS is free of charge and is already a standard tool for H135 (Helionix step 2+) and H145 (Helionix step 2). The solution will be deployed to H175 as a replacement of the Fault Isolation Manual, and to H160 at its entry into service.


The offline version is under preparation and will be available within the next months.


For more information, please create a Technical Request within our Keycopter portal or contact us.

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