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null ​H135 T3/P3 upgrade for enhanced performance and safety

13 Aug 2019

Airbus Helicopters proposes customers solutions to modernize their aircraft, thus extending aircraft life in operation while enhancing performance and safety, capabilities and asset value.


The H135 T3/P3 upgrade, which converts EC135 versions into H135, offers higher safety margin at sea level as well as more power in high and hot conditions, and benefiting customers with (not limited to):

  • • A maximum take-off weight increased to 2,980 kg

  • • Cat-A VTOL + 90Kg (sea level, ISA+20)

  • • HOGE OEI 2 min + 210Kg (sea level, ISA+20)

  • • A lateral air intake and new FADEC software for better engine performance

  • • A larger centre of gravity range, improving mission flexibility

  • • Reduced operating cost, thanks to a more than 2% reduction of fuel consumption


Airbus Helicopters will tailor the associated Service Bulletin and kit to the need of each individual EC135 helicopter. The Service Bulletin can be performed by Airbus Helicopters, or by any qualified Part 145 organization with the assistance of Airbus Helicopters technicians whenever needed.


For further details, please contact your Sales manager or contact us.

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