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null ​Technical Request service new features

17 Dec 2018

To provide a sustained value for the Customers through the Technical Request service, Airbus further improves this tool, making it more efficient and user-friendly. Based on users’ feedback, several new features have been implemented:


- Simple question for a fast answer

A quick and simple way to log a TE (TEchnical request) by completing a light form with one page and few information:

  • • question or request
  • • the final answer requested date
  • • the priority (routine, critical or AOG)

You need to add more information (multiple attachment files, maintenance or operation context of event/incident discovery etc.), easy to switch at any time from a light form to a detailed form.


- To inform one or several people about the TEchnical request

Reply or reply all is now available


- The uploading function in background enables you to download several documents, while continuing to complete your TEchnical request during uploading.


The Technical Request service facilitates your job by efficiently fulfilling your request while ensuring a positive customer experience.


For more details you can contact your Front Office manager.

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