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null 250 more helicopters with global contracts

09 Jun 2020

From 2019 until the present, Airbus Helicopters has added more than 250 helicopters to its HCare Smart and Infinite contracts, increasing to 2,250 the number of aircraft now covered by a global HCare material management solution.


This represents a coverage of 19% of Airbus Helicopters’ worldwide fleet.


Global contracts such as these have become increasingly successful, with a growing number of operators opting for an HCare Smart or Infinite solution and thereby relying on Airbus Helicopters solutions. Such customers include Papillon (21 H130s), Heli Portugal (9 H125s) and DRF Luftrettung, which signed an eight-year extension of its HCare Smart contract for its entire fleet of nearly 60 helicopters.


“The motivation behind our HCare support contracts is to let our customers focus on one thing only: their missions. We aim to take care of everything else, ensuring the highest levels of fleet availability, at the most competitive price. This helps our customers control budgets and stabilise costs, while lowering the administrative burden,” says Christoph Zammert, Executive Vice President of Customer Support & Services at Airbus Helicopters.


Additional customers added in 2019 include PHI Health (HCare Smart), Boston Med Flight (HCare Smart), STARS Air Ambulance (HCare Smart), and Superior Helicopters (HCare Infinite).


Airbus Helicopters’ HCare material management services have proven their value over 35 years of servicing operators around the globe. They strongly contribute to a higher level of availability, cost optimisation and budget control, and ensure a financial advantage to operators by keeping their asset resale value at the highest levels.


The HCare fleet is composed of almost every helicopter in the Airbus range for missions varying from emergency medical service, aerial work, oil and gas, tourism, and public services, up to military operations.


As a demonstration of their satisfaction and trust in Airbus Helicopters, 98% of HCare Smart and Infinite customers opt to extend their contracts.


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