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null Agreement with Spidertracks: A new contribution to improved operational safety

13 Oct 2020

Airbus Helicopters recently signed a Letter Of Intent with Spidertracks, a company specialised in real-time aircraft tracking and communication, which operates its Spider 8 and Spider X recorders around the world on more than 6,000 airplanes and helicopters.

The goal of the agreement is to share with Airbus the data gathered on its fleet, with the aim of adding to the data lake already available so as to arrive at more powerful, live insight on flight operations such as helicopter attitude and geographical positioning.

As a first application, Spidertracks data would complement Airbus Helicopters’ Flight Analyser service. This service already provides post-flight risk identification through an advanced interpretation of flight data that is enriched with weather and environmental context, such as sky coverage and obstacles present at the time of any potential event that may have occurred during the flight.

The Flight Analyser algorithm analyses the data generated by a number of onboard sources installed on the aircraft, to automatically detect situations that could have been safer or could have potentially led to an incident or accident.  

Flight Analyser users are given access to dashboards that are updated post-flight. The output can be used by an organisation’s safety management system to support future decision making.

Over the years, Airbus Helicopters has increased the number of its initiatives contributing to overall operational safety. The company is now taking another step in its collaboration with operators, through the creation of a Safety Community in the AirbusWorld collaborative platform. This is aimed at sharing safety information and certain flight operations analyses and studies performed by Airbus Helicopters on data gathered from the worldwide fleet.

Complementary data brought by Spidertracks will greatly contribute to refining the results of safety analyses, and to improving overall operational safety.

For more information, please contact a Sales Manager, or contact Airbus Helicopters.

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