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null AirbusWorld celebrates its first anniversary!

23 Feb 2021

One year ago, Airbus Helicopters launched the AirbusWorld collaborative platform, determined to make it a game changer and respond to the requirements and improvements customers requested, to better support their daily operational activities.

AirbusWorld belongs to users, and their feedback is essential in guiding its evolutions.
The first returns from customers are encouraging, and highlight significant improvements in the platform: the fresh and intuitive way to navigate, the enhanced and expanded ordering function through its marketplace, new functionalities for O.R.I.O.N. and TechData, and the additional features and services hosted on the site.


This new collaborative space currently accommodates 3,500 regular daily users, and has recorded more than 1,500 newcomers since last year. As of today, in addition to accessing and consulting technical documentation, submitting technical requests and ordering spares and upgrades online, users can benefit from:

-    NEWS - To stay up to date about Airbus Helicopters Support & Services activities.
      o    More than 30 news items accessible from the homepage carousel kept customers posted on the latest Support & Services highlights and product improvements
      o    More than 30 articles published on the site brought information directly to AirbusWorld readers.

-    COMMUNITIES - To interact directly with Airbus Helicopters project leaders and experts.
      o    10 communities ensuring seamless interaction with users on various subjects
      o    Around 20 topics or projects open to all users, allowing them to contribute to subjects like new Service Bulletins targeted at their activities, or services to be developed.
More than 380 users have already joined and actively participate in AirbusWorld communities (“My Airbus” menu).

-    ONLINE TRAINING SESSIONS - To get information and training on new functionalities and services.
      o    80 timeslots for 15 topics proposed on a quarterly basis for live training and awareness sessions. This remote solution increases proximity with customers and offers a flexible self-learning schedule.
Around 1,200 users are already subscribed and have attended these sessions.

-    INFORMATION and SERVICES - To discover Airbus Helicopters services and solutions.
      o    35 detailed service description sheets are available 24/7 in the Showroom for customers to discover Airbus Helicopters services and the benefits they bring to helicopter operations.


Additional developments are planned for this year, like a new eOrdering service for Canada, streamlined news and articles, as well as the implementation of a single access to consult training courses from Airbus Helicopters’ training centres.

Want to discover more? Get connected today! 

For more information, please contact a Sales Manager, or contact Airbus Helicopters.

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