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null Dauphin - Improved landing gear control switch

23 Apr 2019

In the frame of the 2019 Top irritant resolution program for Dauphin aircraft (AS 365, AS 565 and EC 155), Airbus Helicopters proposes a new solution improving the reliability of the landing gear control switch.


The improvement consists in installing a new micro switch, which is a result of a new method used to reduce the adjustment range of the micro switch position relative to the hammer.


The upgrade does not lead to a modification or change of the part number. Its traceability is ensured through the serial number (SN): the new switches’ SN is greater than or equal to 3883. The parts are available in stock and can be immediately ordered.


The repair of landing gear switches 894TS05NY, 894TS05N1Y, 895TS05NY, 895TS05N1Y was re-classified as D-Level and shall be performed in PART145-approved workshops only.


For more information, please refer to Information Notice No. 2955-I-32 or contact your Technical Support / Representative.

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