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null DMC and DOC cost reduction

17 Dec 2018
Aircraft improvements, DMC and DOC cost reduction

Airbus Helicopters is continuously working on aircraft improvement targeting the DMC/DOC reduction, which is a key benefit for the customers.

By enhancing aircraft availability by means of TBO (time between overhaul) extension of some parts (increased reliability), the maintenance workload is reduced and the aircraft downtime is minimized.


Recent examples:
- H125/H130 - Engine TBO
The TBO of the Arriel 2D engine is now increased to 5 000 FH, which means 25% more hours to fly before the scheduled removal, compared to the previous limit.
- EC135/EC145/H145 - Starter Generator TBO
The TBO of the Starter Generator is removed from the MSM of each aircraft; this is now effective on EC135/EC145 and will be on H145 by end of 2018.
- H145 - Vertical and Side Load Mounts of the main transmission
Reliability of the main transmission Vertical and Side Load Mounts has been improved with a new design of bearings by use of the latest material and surface treatment technology.
- H145 - Main Rotor Actuator
The change of the lip seal, as on the H135, will significantly reduce the current “common leakages” premature failures, reducing thus the unscheduled operations.
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