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null EC145 - LED anti-collision light improvement

12 Jan 2021

In the frame of the product improvement programme for its light twin-engine helicopter, Airbus Helicopters proposes a new design solution for the EC145 LED anti-collision light, while improving its reliability and preventing damage to the part.

The solution consists of replacing the existing light with the new design, which uses six (instead of four) mounting screws with a smaller diameter, and an O-ring under the head. The new design also benefits from more material in the base and retainer, to better distribute material stress and thus avoid cracking and water ingress.

The substitution can be performed by operators and requires a two-hour time period.

All information about installation and ordering is available through the SB MBBBK117 C-2-33-028 service bulletin. The new LED anti-collision light will also be available on the BK117 D-2 version within the coming months.

For more information, please contact a Sales Manager or contact Airbus Helicopters.

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