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null EC145 - VARTOMS Procedure update

19 Jan 2021

As part of the product improvement programme for its light twin-engine helicopter, Airbus Helicopters proposes an updated procedure pertaining to VARTOMS (Variable Rotor Speed and Torque Matching System). The procedure applies to EC145 aircraft (BK117 C-2 variant), with the aim of improving reliability and ease of use.

In recent in-service examples, the updated VARTOMS procedure was field tested and found to be efficient by several operators in different environments, while proving easier and more reliable than the current method detailed in the Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM).

This procedure (free of charge) is available online for the EC145 BK117 C-2 variant in the form of pre-prints within the AMM 05-60-00, 6-10 tasks. Further, it will be incorporated within the manual’s next revision.

For more information, please contact a Sales Manager or contact Airbus Helicopters.

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