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null Enhance operational safety with Flight Analyser

28 Jan 2021

In today’s helicopter industry, operators willing to enhance operational safety increasingly use helicopter flight data monitoring (HFDM) as a basis for improvement. For the past several years, Airbus Helicopters has capitalised on the power of data, progressively equipping its helicopters with sensors and recorders with the aim of multiplying the quantity of parameters generated by the systems and improving the accuracy and quality of the data available for flight ops analysis.

Flight Analyser, a new service commercialised by Airbus, was created to reduce operator workload linked to regulatory obligations. It analyses flight data to prevent situations that could have led to an incident. Through this software, every flight session is routinely checked.  The system automatically detects abnormal situations, tags them with a code in order of importance, and highlights related flights to support analysis, validation of actions and decision-making. For optimal situational awareness, the system also correlates this data with weather data and environmental context such as sky coverage and obstacles that might be present at the time of a potential event. An aviation safety specialist checks each potential event, brings further depth to the analysis and looks for coherence with an operator’s requirements and procedures. The software is compatible with multiple types of flight data recorder and can accommodate mixed fleets.

Flight Analyser has now been further improved and offers new functionalities. In addition to the former HFDM functions such as events analysis maps, light route reconstitution, flight parameters and graphs display, operators are now able to:
•    Customise their events for the entire fleet
•    Benefit from a powerful statistics module to validate the effectiveness of measures taken, by studying the variation and the impact of detected events
•    Consult a flight list and analyse chosen parameters (Basic subscription)
•    Analyse events and their matching graphs from an event list and a flight list
•    Access a statistics page supporting key performance indicators and decision-making
•    Customise their own data (algorithm, thresholds…) according to their activity (Premium subscription)
•    Match each event with a type of mission
•    Access all event analyses in the same place, saving time and ensuring that all flights are analysed.

Further, a new interface combines a modern design and user friendliness.

Operator Hungarian Air Ambulance reports that using Flight Analyser has reduced their data analysis burden by more than 70%. 

For more information, please contact a Sales Manager, or contact Airbus Helicopters.            

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