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null H125/H130 TechData “Perform-Once section 05-26-00” improvement

15 Jul 2020

As part of its product improvement programme for light helicopters, Airbus Helicopters has simplified the checks that need to be performed after the installation of certain components, such as the fuel tank cradles (1). This aims to reduce the maintenance burden and prevent possible maintenance errors.


Post-installation checks now appear in the Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM) as additional simple maintenance tasks during the Perform-Once inspection. These new tasks replace tasks formerly done during global component maintenance.


As of today, more than ten new simple maintenance tasks have been added to the most recent technical data for the H125 (AS350 B2, B3, B3e), H125M (AS550 C3), and H130 (EC130 B4, T2).


They can be seen in the chapter entitled MSM 05-26-00 BASIC AIRFRAME - PERFORM ONCE INSPECTIONS. This has also been extended to include any new Perform-Once maintenance tasks.


For more information, please contact a Sales Manager or contact Airbus Helicopters.


(1): Aircraft Maintenance Manual 28-11-00,6-3c Check of the tightening torque on the fuel tank cradles

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