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null H135 - Retrofit solution for Electrical Master Boxes

20 Jun 2019

In the frame of the 2019 Top irritant resolution program for H135, Airbus Helicopters is proposing a retrofit solution to prevent a failure of the electrical master boxes due to water ingress.


The solution consists of replacing the existing air ducts with the new ones with an integrated water trap, which protects the master boxes from water ingress.


The retrofit is simple to perform and requires approximately 8 hours for mechanics. Detailed information is available in the following Service Bulletins:

  • • H135: EC135-21-023

  • • H135 Helionix: EC135H-21-001


Under the customer satisfaction initiative, since the publication of the SB earlier this year, the special commercial conditions for the replacement parts are valid for all the orders placed before 31 August, 2019. Kit reference to be ordered is “SB AHD-21-001-2C1, retrofit water trap air duct”.


For more information, please contact your Sales manager or contact us.

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