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null H145 Warranty engine extension

16 Nov 2018
H145 Warranty extension for engines and new Helionix version

As a part of the H145 improvement program, targeting the operational capabilities and the competitiveness of this fleet, Airbus is pleased to provide two new major benefits:

  • •  The warranty extension on its Arriel 2E engines from 2 years/1,000 hours to 3 years/2,000 hours on H145 aircraft delivered from January 2018

  • •  The new Helionix Step 3, an enhanced version of its Helionix avionics suite that ameliorates situational awareness, improves availability, accelerates helicopter connectivity and reduces maintenance costs


Helionix Step 3 brings about the improvement in the situational awareness of pilots and flight crews by means of the new Synthetic Vision System that flags obstacles. It is now possible for the crew members to spot more easily the aeronautical objects such as runways and helipads, as well as landscape elements such as urban areas, roads and railways, supporting thus safer operations.


In addition, Helionix measures the exact time between take-off and landing, enabling operators to fly up to 20% longer in the same maintenance interval compared to a traditional flight tracking via pilot's logbook. The reduction of direct maintenance costs is estimated at up to 6%.


The upgrade will also facilitate helicopter connectivity, enabling operators to make use of the large quantities of data generated on each individual flight.


For more detailed technical or logistics information please contact your regular Front office manager.

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