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12 Jul 2018
With OPTIMIZE solutions, improve your operations at all times

Willing to drive innovation and to boost the digitalization of the industry, Airbus Helicopters expands its range of connected services to in-depth data analysis, proposing day to day solutions and improving operators experience with its products.


OPTIMIZE line of service within our Connected Services offer is dedicated to operational analytics to determine ways of improvement in three main fields: operational safety, helicopter availability and cost optimization. The most dominant values generated by the OPTIMIZE service are the helicopter operations improvement and the maximization of its profitability.


One of the key benefits of this offer is that it really aims at sharing information and best practices with all members of the community: Customers, Suppliers, MRO centers.


These analytics services are now progressively deployed, in close partnership with a team of helicopter operators, who perceived the value of these services and are ready to share their experience from the field, and their expectations as rotorcraft users.


The first set of analytics is already available from now: Fly Scan (HUMS) services, Fleet availability optimisation, Material Demand and Supply services. The additional ones such as Predictive Maintenance, Reliability Analytics Services, Maintenance Material Cost Services and many others will be progressively deployed in the coming months for the benefit of the whole ecosystem.


To know more about our Connected Services offer or more specifically on OPTIMIZE, please contact your Front Office manager or contact us.

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