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28 Sep 2018
Substitute or superseded parts: get fast answers and an official doc within 24 hours

Airbus Helicopters is glad to announce the new, improved process and communication flow concerning the superseded parts - the replacing parts which are not yet referenced in Airbus Helicopters IPC. The new process will help Customers demonstrate more quickly to the authorities that the new part is airworthy and can be fitted on the helicopter.


What’s new:

  • The lead time in obtaining the official document is improved thanks to a new dedicated tool

  • • An application has been developed to enhance customer autonomy


As from today, the Customers can raise a Technical Request through eRequest within Keycopter. Based on this request, Airbus Helicopters will:

  • • confirm it is a superseded part

  • • provide the Customer with a Part 21-approved IPC data sheet in official PDF format
    This document will indicate that the part is airworthy and can be fitted on the helicopter. It will replace the previous “draft” PDF and it contains the necessary authorisation to allow the Customers mount the part without an official signature.


The next step to be implemented by the end of the year is an application in Keycopter/ORION, allowing the Customers to search and print the document by themselves, offering the immediate answers and full autonomy for all Airbus Helicopters superseded parts.


eRequest will remain a source for the Customers’ questions, where the updated information on superseded parts can be provided without waiting for the next IPC update.


For more information, please contact your regular Sales manager or contact us.

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