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null Isolation between cockpit and passenger compartment

06 Apr 2020

Due to the current concern regarding the spread of the coronavirus disease (covid-19), recently renamed SARS-CoV-2, Airbus Helicopters is actively supporting customers to find solutions in the isolation between the cockpit and passenger compartment.


On 3 April 2020, Airbus Helicopters released its IN 3492-I-25 information notice, “EQUIPMENT AND FURNISHINGS - Isolation between Cockpit and Passenger Compartment”, which is meant to:

- Assist operators on the cabin / cockpit isolation for H135 and H145 aircraft (Airbus Helicopters is still investigating solutions for other aircraft),

- Provide details on ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems for EC130 / EC135 / EC145 / EC175 / AS365 N3 and EC155 aircraft.


This information notice is available through the T.I.P.I. Technical Information Publication portal.


For more information, please contact a Sales Manager or contact Airbus.

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