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28 Sep 2018
Airbus Helicopters proposes new functionalities for its 24/7 technical request service

As a part of its digital strategy, since 2015 Airbus Helicopters offers a 24/7 online technical request (eRequest) service to its Customers, through its Keycopter customer portal.


With more than 2,500 monthly eRequests - Airbus Helicopters facilitates Customer interaction and provides:

  • • A reactive AOG and routine request management service for a large scope of requests (technical support, technical publications, flight ops, connected services, etc.)

  • • A quick and easy technical request sheet (generated in less than two minutes), addressed immediately and directly by the right Airbus Helicopters specialist

  • • A simple dashboard for real-time tracking of each request status

  • • Permanent access to the history of all customer requests


Recently, the service has been extended with new functionalities to improve customer satisfaction:

  • • Customers can now manage the priority level of each request (routine, critical, AOG) and the deadline by which the answer is needed, leading to the monitoring of a request’s end-to-end performance

  • • Customers can enrich their profile with an ID card in order to reinforce the relationship with the front office and obtain answers more quickly


By the end of 2018, the service will be extended with a mobile iOS App available on smartphones and tablets.


For more information, please contact your regular Sales manager or contact us.

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