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18 Jan 2019
​Airbus Helicopters consolidates its global digital strategy

Airbus Helicopters is further paving a digital street through 4 newly signed partnerships with Maintenance Information Systems (MIS) providers that will connect their MRO databases with Airbus systems, making valuable helicopter maintenance data available to Airbus and its customers.


Common data management is providing at least three benefits for customers:
  • Data loading time is significantly reduced, especially when putting a new aircraft into operation

  • Manual tasks are simplified and some operations such as part ordering are now performed directly from MIS

  • Analytics services and relevant solutions will be enriched thanks to these data.


By partnering with Airbus, MRO software providers are guaranteed easier and faster access to Airbus’ rotorcraft data and technical documentation - especially when a new aircraft is put into operation - which feeds their maintenance information systems and informs a customer’s maintenance planning.
Helicopter operators as a result benefit from knowing their maintenance software always contains the most up-to-date information about their aircraft. They can also automatically transfer operational flight data to Airbus applications like Fleet Keeper and FlyScan predictive maintenance. And they can become part of Airbus Helicopters’ database, enriching its HCare Connected Services analytics offering.
To know more about our HCare Connected Services offer, please contact your Front Office manager or contact us.
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