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null Quick & safe mission preparation with Flight Balance iOS app

03 Jul 2019

Decades of experience working closely with operators has shown Airbus Helicopters how important the mission preparation phase of a flight is for crews, and how inadequate preparation could lead to a potentially risky situation during the mission.


Flight Balance is one of the iOS eApps we have developed to support overall safety enhancement.


This standalone application is pre-loaded with up-to-date manufacturer flight manual data, and performs quick, easy, and OEM-guided weight & balance and fuel computations.


There are two versions of Flight Balance available:


Flight Balance basic whose main functions are the mission definition, weight & balance computation, manual or automatic pax allocation, longitudinal & lateral diagrams computation, report generation & transfer, and H/C optional customization.


Flight Balance extended which brings additional smart functions such as multi-routes definition, weight & balance computation for each route and point of the mission, average fuel consumption, extension to all aircraft configurations and optional from the Flight Manual, and data exchange between various iPads.


Both eApps are available for nearly all our helicopter types, and can be downloaded from the App Store at:

Flight Balance Basic:

Flight Balance Extended:


For more information, please contact your Sales manager or contact us.

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