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17 Nov 2020

Thirty-five years ago, helicopter operators faced a dilemma: how to achieve the highest possible helicopter availability levels in competitive industries, while keeping costs under control.

The answer was found in a relatively new approach to spare parts management called parts-by-the-hour (PBH). Over the years, this early solution for guaranteeing parts availability has evolved into today's various HCare global support contracts, known as Smart and Infinite.


Air Methods Corporation – the largest civil operator of Airbus helicopters worldwide with more than 450 aircraft in operation – is among the most recent additions to the HCare family, having signed a $24 million, five-year HCare Smart support contract with Airbus Helicopters, Inc. to cover its fleet of 31 EC145 helicopters.


This achievement demonstrates customer confidence in our products and services, and is illustrative of customer requirements for the higher level of service and responsiveness provided by HCare Smart programmes.


Discover how HCare has kept customers flying for 35 years, with testimonials from three customers.


For more information, please contact a Sales Manager, or contact Airbus Helicopters.

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