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null Tech Data - O.R.I.O.N Online improvement

02 Oct 2019

In the frame of our development strategy on TechData and to optimize customers’ maintenance preparation, Airbus Helicopters has introduced two new major improvements on its O.R.I.O.N. interactive viewer.


  • O.R.I.O.N Online directly connected to our Keycopter eOrdering service

Customers can select spare parts in the IPC and transfer them directly into the eOrdering shopping cart. In a single click the customers get an access to a priced shopping list in Keycopter eOrdering and can finalize the order.


  • • MSM/ALS task filtering on Unchanged/New/changed tasks

This MyInspection improvement facilitates the extraction of all modifications in the MSM (Master Servicing Manual) / ALS (Airworthiness Limitations Section) tasks from the last update by selecting in a single click only the new or changed tasks.


These new features are available for all commercialized aircrafts.


For more information on O.R.I.O.N. improvements, please contact your Technical Support or Technical representative.

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