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null Technical request new mobile app

18 Feb 2020

Committed to improving customers’ digital experience, Airbus Helicopters is now introducing a new Web Application for its Technical Request service, accessible through its new AirbusWorld customer platform, enhancing the mobility of this service.


This user-friendly Web Application, running under all browsers and compatible with all systems (Android and iOS) and devices (Smartphone and Tablets), enables our Customers to effectively:

  • Create a technical event/request (TE),
  • Access all information related to the TE (attached files, …),
  • Enrich the TE with pictures and/or videos taken through a device,
  • Monitor the TE activities through a dedicated dashboard,
  • Chat with the technical experts, by typing or using the device’s voice-to-text functionality.


This application can be installed on your browser through the direct link with your AirbusWorld account (same as the previous one on Keycopter).


This service will be enhanced in the coming months with an automatic offline/online synchronisation allowing customers to create, to manage and to enrich a technical request in offline mode on the mobile device.


For more information, please contact your Sales Manager or contact us.

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