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null Unscheduled maintenance: More time savings in root cause determination

20 Apr 2021

In recent years, Airbus Helicopters has accelerated the development of innovations and improvements designed to reduce maintenance operation costs and improve efficiency. Innovations, such as a new service to isolate faults called eDynamic Troubleshooting (eDTS), use artificial intelligence and are being deployed on the H135, H145, H175 and H160. They support helicopter operators by enabling significant time savings in technical tasks while alleviating technician workload.


eDynamic Troubleshooting is one of the major innovations to technical data and troubleshooting management. It is a web-based service that lets operators increase troubleshooting accuracy. Through a sequence of questions and tests, the service identifies the root cause of the fault operators may have encountered on their helicopter. The questions take into account the helicopter design, equipment reliability and cost, and complexity of maintenance tasks in terms of duration and effort.


The sequence is built dynamically, and the user can skip a question or select another from the list. The tool will then propose a more optimised set of questions. At the end of a session, the user is prompted to confirm that the solution proposed by the tool resolved the problem (or not, in expert cases). Because of the artificial intelligence behind the service, it will automatically improve similar fault isolation sequences for future cases.


eDTS is also linked to O.R.I.O.N. technical data, so users can open work cards or wiring diagrammes via links within the questions or tests when maintenance operations are required (like equipment installation and removal, harness checks, etc.).


The eDTS online service is free of charge and is already the standard fault isolation tool for the H135 (T3H, P3H versions) and H145 (D2, D2-m, D3 versions). It will be deployed soon for the H160 and later on the H175 to replace the Fault Isolation Manual.


The service can be accessed through the AirbusWorld portal (menu Technical Data). Users are asked to verify that they have been granted a “Dynamic Troubleshooting” option by an AirbusWorld focal point and that they have created an account in eDTS.


A direct connection to the Technical Requests management service will also be available soon, allowing users to initiate a technical event directly from eDTS and get in contact with Airbus Technical Support when needed.

For more information, please contact a Sales Manager, or contact Airbus Helicopters.

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