Request an Internal User account

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  2. Role(s) requested
  3. SalesOrgs you need to work on

Personal Information

Please read the information below before filling in this Form:

What is an Internal User account?


An Internal User account allows AH employees and subcontractors to connect to the AirbusWorld portal to do some kind of administration, like supporting customers with the Support Mode or do User Management.


What an Internal User account is not?

An Internal User account is not an AirbusWorld user to connect to the portal in the same way as a customer would do and see the navigation, the different applications, etc.
This is called an External User account and it is reserved to our customers (and to some other actors for testing purposes).


How to request an Internal User account?

To request the creation of an Internal User account, use the form below. You will need to specify the role(s) you want to access, as well as the SalesOrgs of the companies that you need to work on.


Please be aware:


•    As an Airbus Helicopters employee or a subcontractor, you can connect to the Tech Data via the HUB, please see below:
If the page is blank, you will have to contact SupportDoc


•    If you need to connect on behalf of a specific company (Support Mode for Tech Data and/or Ordering - Consultation only), please request an Internal User account by filling in this form and selecting the relevant role and the SalesOrg you need to support


•    If you need to use the Technical Request service, please connect here: 
If the page is blank, you will have to contact the Webtek Support


If those options are not convenient for you, do not hesitate to contact us.