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null Your new Keycopter portal is live

04 Jun 2018

Keycopter, Airbus Helicopters customer portal, provides a wide range of customized and interactive services online, around the world and around the clock. Today, more than 3 200 companies and 15 000 regular users work with Keycopter for their daily operations.


Through our company’s digitalization, Airbus Helicopters has been placing customer satisfaction at the heart of our business. Since 2017, we have completely redesigned Keycopter in order to integrate your most specific needs.
This continuous improvement is coming to fruition as we launch today a brand new customer portal to enhance your day-to-day navigation and digital experience!


This new version of Keycopter has been driven by four main key features:

  • • A new public welcome page to provide you with up-to-date information on AH products and services (promotional news, articles…);
  • • A new private and customized dashboard to find, in one dedicated place, all your shortcuts, key data, fleet and exchanges with Airbus Helicopters;
  • • A state-of-the-art platform, responsive to all devices; with a significant increase of its performance and availability rate;
  • • A reactive website allowing a quick consideration of your evolution requests as well as a flexible integration of new connected services online.

All these major improvements have been launched to achieve a main goal: to ease your life and make you focus on what really matters, your business.


Please note that the customers’ migration from the current Keycopter to the new one will be done by waves, from September until December 2018. You will be informed about this coming deployment by eMail.


Do not hesitate to contact us, should you have any questions: we are here to support you, 24/7!